"The Ideal Week" Workshop

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An Interactive, Virtual Workshop Series That Takes Sales Pros, Entrepreneurs and Other Results-Based Professionals Through the 4 Steps of Creating and Executing on the Ideal Week...

So They Can Turn Their Reactive Business into a Simple, Intentional, More Lucrative One!

The Workshop is for the talented sales pro, entrepreneur or results-based professional who knows they would earn more and stress less if their business had a plan, structure, or system


Does This Sound Like You?


- Do you spend your days reacting, bouncing around like a ping pong ball, and changing directions with every email, phone call or idea that pops into your head?

- Do your days start out with good intentions, but quickly blow up in your face and end in exhaustion and little progress?

- Do you ride the emotional roller coaster up and down throughout the week? 

- Have you grinded your way to a certain level of success, but no matter how many more hours you work, harder you grind, or ideas you try, the needle no longer moves?


The 4 Steps to Creating and Executing on the Ideal Week

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Step 1: Create Your Weekly Strategy

to determine where to focus your skills and effort to get the best ROI. 

Step 2: Mold/Batch Your Calendar

to make sure your most critical activities get completed, even while dealing with the day to day of your business.

Step 3: Create a Daily Method of Operation

Planning your day is an open secret of success that allows you to run your days instead of letting them run you.

Step 4: Execution

Install the proven tools and rules to execute your weekly strategy.

Watch the Video Below to Learn the 4 Steps to Creating and Executing on Your Ideal Week.


Brian Margolis is a former environmental scientist turned entrepreneur and author of the book “The Index Card Business Plan for Sales Pros and Entrepreneurs.”

His system to help sales pros, entrepreneurs and other professionals run a simpler, more lucrative business, has helped create 7-figure earners and is licensed by some of the largest companies in the world to train their sales teams.

His personal client list ranges from individual sales reps to Shark Tank entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies.


The Ideal Week Program -$1,500

2 Hour Long Small Group Sessions

3 Half Hour Small Group Follow Up Sessions

12 Months of Access to Online Video Course and Client-Only Resources

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